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Re: [Bug-tar] ACL support in git version of GNU tar

From: Markus Steinborn
Subject: Re: [Bug-tar] ACL support in git version of GNU tar
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2014 12:57:39 +0100
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Hi Pavel,

Pavel Raiskup wrote:
Still, even as a Fedora/RHEL (co)maintainer I would prefer making the
patches pass against GNU git master.  It makes things more easy for GNU
tar upstream and it is not problem for me to backport such patches to
I see. This has come from the following fact: As of my limited time, I've begun with the version I needed. And I am using your src rpm from koji as an excellent base for my centos machines... and have plans to setup a fedora machine for the tasks where a recent autoconf/automake is needed.

And yes, it cannot be wrong to post the patches one has ready... Rebasing (if needed) can be done later. If I look at this list in the recent past, there may be more than one rebase needed till iinclusion... where we return to my time argument

Current patches will allow anyone to test them - it should not be a problem to include relevant redhat patches for this test (this might be another idea: Post the relevant xattr patches from redhat instead of patchiing - I'd expect that then everything applies perfect).
But not that this plays important role also for Fedora inclusion — we
should really meet the upstream quality of backported patches.  So I don't
think that the patch review should be done on Fedora side.

I can help with reviewing if that will be needed..  But yes, we need to know 

You are welcome... Fot the ease of reading, I seperated each piece of changes from my original list into seperate patch, where a patch might require previous patches or not.

Note that I did not announce the Capability patch upstream - so we should doscuss that in another thread here or in redhats bugzilla. For upstream, it will probably require some changes (it currently requires a configure argument to be enabled - not really a problem for binary linux distributions, but for upstreamm, it might be a problem).


Markus Steinborn

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