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[Bug-tar] tar and load balancing

From: Jens Roder
Subject: [Bug-tar] tar and load balancing
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2014 00:08:06 +0000


currently, I am using tar to tar and bzip my scientific data into one data 
packages. However, the data are on multiple NFS volumes. I realized, that tar 
only reads from one volume, then goes to the next and so on. So first slave1 is 
the limiting factor, then slave2 and so on, until all the data are taken. I 
would like to ask, if it would be possible to put a load balancing option in 
which tar would realize that the data are on different NFS volumes and then 
starting to load balance the data streams of each device, so that all server 
would provide equal data streams. It might be even another bonus to provide a 
bandwithlimit option so that tar would process only a certain maximum data 
stream per time unit. This would allow to run it in a mild mode without 
affecting  more important jobs.

Please let me know what you think. 

with best wishes

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