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[Bug-tar] Cannot restore incremental backup after directories deleted an

From: Dieterly, Deklan
Subject: [Bug-tar] Cannot restore incremental backup after directories deleted and renamed
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2016 20:23:31 +0000

This script produces an error. "tar: Cannot rename 'backup/dir1' to 
'backup/dir2': Directory not empty"

This is a use case that we would like to be able to handle. I've seen other 
threads describe this problem too.

Here are the links to the other threads.


Here is the script that produces the error.

set -o xtrace
rm -rf backup backup.2.tar backup.tar listed-incr
mkdir backup
mkdir backup/dir1
mkdir backup/dir2
echo "aa" > backup/dir1/dir1-file1
echo "aa" > backup/dir2/dir2-file1
tar --create --file=backup.tar --listed-incremental=./listed-incr backup
rm -rf backup/dir2
mv backup/dir1 backup/dir2
tar --create --file=backup.2.tar --listed-incremental=./listed-incr backup
tar --extract --listed-incrementa=/dev/null --file backup.tar
tar --extract --listed-incrementa=/dev/null --file backup.2.tar

tar: Cannot rename 'backup/dir1' to 'backup/dir2': Directory not empty
tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors

Will this problem be addressed and fixed, or is there some fundamental 
underlying reason why the problem will not be fixed? Thanks.
Deklan Dieterly
Senior Systems Software Engineer

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