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[Bug-tar] --exclude-vcs-ignores flag not parsing correctly

From: Jay
Subject: [Bug-tar] --exclude-vcs-ignores flag not parsing correctly
Date: Wed, 02 Nov 2016 07:30:45 +0000

I noticed that the --exclude-vcs-ignores flag doesn't exactly match the same files that git matches when it uses it's .gitignore file.

If I have an line like the following in my .gitignore:

Then, it seems like tar fails to ignore that folder. Variations like "/.ignoreMe" or ".ignoreMe/" don't seem to work either. Only ".ignoreMe" works. However, the slashes are useful to ensure that you only ignore such a file/folder in the current top-level direction (that's what the first slash does), and that it only ignores a folder with that name, not a file (that's what the last slash does).

Would it be possible to make tar ignore in the same way git does?

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