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tar 1.35: --delete creates tarfiles with duplicate file paths

From: Ed Santiago
Subject: tar 1.35: --delete creates tarfiles with duplicate file paths
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2023 09:56:55 -0600

The --delete flag in 1.35 can generate a tarball that is
unreadable by podman and possibly other tools using the
Go tar library:

    $ podman create --name a quay.io/libpod/testimage:20221018
    $ podman export a >/tmp/a.tar
    $ tar --delete -f /tmp/a.tar home/podman/pause
    $ podman import /tmp/a.tar b
    Error: writing blob: adding layer [...] processing tar file(): duplicates 
of file paths not supported

Running 'tar tf' on /tmp/a.tar before the 'tar --delete', then after,
confirms that the new tar file lists duplicate entries. This may be
a tar writing bug, or it could be a too-strict reading bug in Go libs.
That's not something I can find out.

Tar 1.34 works fine.

I've tried to git-bisect but am embarrassed to say I can't even
get tar to compile from git, not with gcc 12 or 13, due to warnings
being treated as fatal. Sorry.

Also filed as:
Ed Santiago  [he/him]           Toolsmith             santiago@redhat.com

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