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Documentation bug re tar; man and info and html pages.

From: Walter Dnes
Subject: Documentation bug re tar; man and info and html pages.
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2023 11:41:30 -0400

  The documentation for the CACHEDIR.TAG file is sadly lacking, and
needs two items to be spelled out explicitly...

1) CACHEDIR.TAG *MUST* be a regular file, not a symlink.

2) the first 43 bytes of the CACHEDIR.TAG file *MUST* be...

Signature: 8a477f597d28d172789f06886806bc55

  This information is totally missing on the man page.  I wasted a
couple of days tring to get the --exclude-caches*  features working.
The info page mentions http://www.brynosaurus.com/cachedir/spec.html
im passing.  That page no longer exists, but we do get re-directed to
https://bford.info/cachedir/ with the proper info.  How much longer
before the brynosaurus web page turns into a dead link or, even worse,
gets bought up by a porn site?

  I request that you explicitly include items 1 and 2 above in all tar
documentation.  "Link rot" happens on the web; deal with it.  By
including a few extra lines in the documentation files you no longer
have to rely on somebody's personal web page being up, and/or
re-directing properly.

Walter Dnes <waltdnes@waltdnes.org>

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