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Re: texinfo.tex: \dosuppress...

From: Stepan Kasal
Subject: Re: texinfo.tex: \dosuppress...
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2003 10:50:19 +0200
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Hello again,

1 | \gdef\dosuppressfirstparagraphindent{%
2 |   \gdef\indent{%
3 |     \restorefirstparagraphindent
4 |     \indent
5 |   }%

the question is, why is the \indent on line 4 necessary.

First, I find it natural this way: "clean up, then call the original
version which was shadowed".

But to the visible differences:
Without the \insert, if the first paragraph started by @address@hidden
or @address@hidden, the beahaviour would be different.
But this happens only within "@firstparagraphindent none", of course.

The test case I supplied with my last mail was incomplete,
it showed the problem of @address@hidden, but not of @address@hidden;
the double indent case was in wrong place.

I attach a fixed version of test file to this mail.
It should exhibit both problems.  Here is how I see the difference:

--- a1.ps       Fri Sep 19 10:30:56 2003
+++ a2.ps       Fri Sep 19 10:30:51 2003
@@ -394,10 +394,10 @@
 (is)g(the)g(second)h(paragraph.)150 3831 y Ff(fo)t(otnotes)150
 4071 y Fe(Not)g(inden)m(ted)671 4038 y Fb(1)738 4071
 y Fe(to)g(test)g(fo)s(otnotes.)150 4318 y Fc(@noindent)40
-b Ff(do)t(esn't)46 b(trump)e Fc(@indent)275 4559 y Fe(This)28
-b(should)g(b)s(e)i(inden)m(ted)f(\()p Fd(@)p Fe(noinden)m(t)h(comes)h
+b Ff(do)t(esn't)46 b(trump)e Fc(@indent)150 4559 y Fe(This)29
+b(should)f(b)s(e)i(inden)m(ted)f(\()p Fd(@)p Fe(noinden)m(t)g(comes)i
 (after)g Fd(@)p Fe(inden)m(t\).)150 4805 y Ff(double)45
-b Fc(@indent)399 5046 y Fe(This)29 b(should)f(b)s(e)i(inden)m(ted)f(t)m
+b Fc(@indent)275 5046 y Fe(This)28 b(should)g(b)s(e)i(inden)m(ted)f(t)m
 (wice)i(\(t)m(w)m(o)h(explicite)d Fd(@)p Fe(inden)m(t's\).)p
 150 5132 1200 4 v 199 5200 a Fb(1)275 5231 y Fa(This)d(fo)r(otnote)h
 (should)e(b)r(e)h(hanging.)275 5340 y(This)g(paragraph)g(should)g(b)r

Hope this clarifies it,
        Stepan Kasal

Attachment: texinfo-noindent.testcase-3
Description: Text document

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