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Re: glyphs, unindentex examples, screenshots

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: glyphs, unindentex examples, screenshots
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2006 17:49:54 -0500

Hi Eduardo,

Thanks for writing.  I'm sure we can do something to make the eev manual
work right, but I don't yet entirely understand what's needed.

          <http://angg.twu.net/eev-article.html#glyphs>. Those "char 15"'s

This seems to be the most problematic one.  What is it that's really
needed here?  What is the real purpose of making char15 appear as a red star?

I'm sure that Texinfo should not somehow have to know about every eev
control sequence, or assume that character 15 is always going to be a
red star.

By the way, if you want a star instead of a bullet, that's doable with
@point{} (among other ways) for the TeX output.

If you need a red star, we'd have to invent a whole color scheme, which,
although desirable, would be kind of a big deal.  I see you use green,
too, though.  Hmm.

To get char15 in the info output, you could just type it.  (I know
that's not exactly desirable; perhaps we need to invent some way of
getting a literal character.)  The conditional could be done via a macro
or an @set, e.g.,
@set redstarchar ^O  [a literal control-o]
@end ifinfo
@set redstarchar @point{}
@end iftex

... @value{redstarchar} ... something like that.

  (2) Unindented examples. 

1) use @exampleindent 0.

2) Do you need Texinfo markup in these examples?  If not, you could use
@verbatim ... @end verbatim, which isn't indented.

3) Use @exdent on every line of the @example.

Will any of those work?

  (3) Screenshots. 

Simply using @image{ss-f9} will look for
ss-f9.png if making html,
ss-f9.txt if making info,
ss-f9.eps if running with tex,
ss-f9.pdf if running with pdftex.

Does that suffice? See the Image Syntax node in the manual for more

Let me know ...


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