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Re: Include paths for makeinfo

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: Include paths for makeinfo
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2011 14:35:33 -0800

    It looks at 
      ('eps', 'gif', 'jpg', 'jpeg', 'pdf', 'png', 'svg');

HTML output, there's no real use in linking to an eps or a pdf as an
image in html output, is there?  Browsers will not render them as an
image within the page (at least not that I've ever seen), which is what
is desired.

At the very least, those formats should be looked for last.  Indeed, the
ordering seems generally skewed.  How about:
png jpg jpeg gif svg (pdf eps)

Or maybe svg should come before all the bitmap formats.  I'm not
completely sure what would be better.  I guess it generally shouldn't
matter, since people will provide images in only one or the other.

Now, Docbook might be a different story since people convert that to
other formats.  (Is Docbook XML viewable directly?)  So maybe pdf+eps
should come first in that case:
pdf eps png jpg jpeg gif svg

    I think it is better to provide both if possible, for accessibility,

For both HTML and Docbook ...  does a .txt form of an image really mean
anything for accessibility?  I don't see it.  ASCII art is not
accessible.  The verbal descriptions useful for accessibility should be
in the alt tag.


    (and I guess I got that list from makeinfo in C?).

Very likely :).


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