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HP-UX 11 build issues with texinfo 5.0

From: Richard Lloyd
Subject: HP-UX 11 build issues with texinfo 5.0
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2013 11:52:10 +0000 (GMT)

I've been building texinfo 5.0 using HP-UX 11.11/11.23/11.31 on PA-RISC
platforms with HP's ANSI C compiler and have come across some issues
that may need fixing (they're mainly for non-GNU environments obviously).

The changes I suggest below are probably not the most "correct" (e.g. some
should be done via configure testing etc.), but hopefully they'll provide
at least a starting point.

* gnulib/lib/xalloc.h:
  XALLOC_INLINE needed to be be defined as static (rather than extern inline)
  to avoid multiple defintions of *alloc() routines. I just put this in
  xalloc.h as follows (line 30):

#ifdef __hpux
#define XALLOC_INLINE static

* HP-UX has never had the va_copy() function, so I defined one to use memcpy()
  at line 28 of info/info-utils.c:

#ifdef __hpux
#define va_copy(ap1,ap2) memcpy((&ap1),(&ap2),sizeof(va_list))

* HP-UX 11 ships with two zdiff binaries (in /usr/bin and /usr/contrib/bin) and 
  to pick the "non-gzip" version in /usr/bin with the default PATH. To get 
  this, I put /usr/contrib/bin in front of the PATH just before zdiff is run
  (line 21 in install-info/tests/ii-0041-test and line 22 in

export PATH=/usr/contrib/bin:$PATH

* Non-gcc compilers, including HP's ANSI C, probably won't like the
  TEXINFO_PRINTFLIKE() macro definition in system.h, so for non-gcc systems,
  I defined it to be nothing (line 232):

#ifdef __GNUC__
# define TEXINFO_PRINTFLIKE(fmt,narg) __attribute__ ((__format__ (__printf__, 
fmt, narg)))
# define TEXINFO_PRINTFLIKE(fmt,narg)
* GNU diff-only flags (-a, -U, -u, --exclude=) were used in the following
  scripts and were removed to improve portability for non-GNU diff:


  All the "gmake check" diff tests worked correctly without those
  GNU diff-only flags.

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