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texinfo-5.9.90 pretest available

From: Karl Berry
Subject: texinfo-5.9.90 pretest available
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2015 22:46:23 GMT

Here's the first pretest for the next Texinfo release (which will be
6.0, due to the substantial overhaul of standalone Info and completely
new implementation of texindex), for your testing pleasure:


The NEWS below.  Please send feedback here, to address@hidden

* Language:
  . new commands @sub and @sup, for textual subscripts and superscripts.
  . new command @U to insert a Unicode character by code point.

* texinfo.tex:
  . @url/@uref output in PDF now the same as in DVI, showing the url
    even if the second argument is given, not just as a link target.
    TeX option \urefurlonlylinktrue gives previous behavior, of invisible urls.
    PDF-only \linkcolor and \urlcolor specify colors (default black).

* texi2any:
  . customization variable TOP_NODE_UP_URL now replaces all (dir) references;
    recommended setting for GNU packages is /manual/.
  . new customization variable INDEX_SPECIAL_CHARS_WARNING to complain
    when index entries contain a colon.
  . Docbook output no longer uses <lineannotation> for @r.
  . -D'var val' on the command line works as intended again.
  . --plaintext output can be split.
  . a bit faster.

* info:
  . invoking `info foo bar' looks for bar as an index entry in manual foo,
    if not found as a top-level menu item.
  . invoking info with an absolute or explicitly relative file name
    (./foo.info, /tmp/foo.info, etc.) just visits that file.
  . new option --init-file allows overriding ~/.infokey.
  . new command M-x info-version.
  . the M-x kill-node command has been removed.
  . new variable infopath-no-defaults allows omitting the compile-time
    Info directory from the Info search path.
  . separate `infokey' program has been removed - the .infokey file is now
    read directly by Info.
  . new variable `highlight-searches' allows highlighting results from a search
  . support for mouse scrollwheel, controlled by 'mouse' variable.
  . new variable 'key_time' to control how long to wait for byte
    sequences sent by special keys.
  . new variable 'hide-note-references' alters appearance of displayed nodes
  . support input of multibyte characters for searches in a UTF-8 locale.
  . test suite at build time.

* texindex:
  . completely new implementation as a literate program using Texinfo
    and (portable) awk (called TexiWeb Jr.), thanks to Arnold Robbins.
    (Requires gawk 4.0+ if .twjr source is modified.)
  . the -o (--output) is not supported, unless we hear of someone using it.
  . duplicated sort keys with different display texts result in one
    merged index entry, using the first display text.
  . better sorting and parsing in unusual cases; most notably, { and }
    characters can appear as initials.

* install-info:
  . handle compressed input file names containing spaces.
  . exit successfully if --remove is given and the dir file does not exist.
  . new option --defsection, to be used instead of "Miscellaneous" when
    a section is not present in the Info file.

* texi2dvi:
  . look for the environment variable THUMBPDF_CMD instead of THUMBPDF,
    since thumbpdf itself has used THUMBPDF for options since 2000.
  . remove --recode and --recode-from options, since they haven't
    worked as intended for years, so evidently no one needs them.

* Distribution:
  . new translation ca (catalan).
  . automake-1.15, gettext-0.19.4.

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