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Re: CSS file for texinfo HTML output

From: Gavin Smith
Subject: Re: CSS file for texinfo HTML output
Date: Mon, 8 Feb 2016 20:23:47 +0000

On 8 February 2016 at 18:55, Per Bothner <address@hidden> wrote:
> The demo link doesn't work so it's hard to try it out:
> It depends on docker and elnode and proxying the GNU website.
> Interesting, and probably has some useful code, but
> it looks like a dead end to me.
> What I have in mind is much simpler: Just a standalone
> JavaScript file that could be imported in the HTML
> file with a simple <script>, and doesn't require a
> server or big libraries.
> The attached (zip'd) info.js is a proof-of-concept.
> It implements the 'n', 'p', and 'u' commands.

Please, if you can, produce something that we can put into Texinfo
and/or recommend officially. Ideally take care of all the small
details that you may think are easy and/or obvious. Spell it out so
that a moron could understand and follow your instructions for how we
recommend it.

I could say more around the subject of HTML and Info, most of which
has been said already, but I doubt it would make much difference. The
only way that anything will happen is if there are very concrete
proposals. Even a 95%-complete proof of concept is probably not good
enough without a plausible way to deploy it.

There is probably no great barrier to this question, other than taking
care of this last 5%. I haven't said what the "HTML-Info" question is,
because defining the question is part of the problem. It seems easy
enough, but talk is cheap, and anyone one who comes forward with an
answer will need to define the question thoroughly themselves.

> Just generate a single-file .html file:
> makeinfo --html --no-split  -I . -o foo.html foo.texi
> and then add the following in the <head>:
> <script type="text/javascript" src="info.js"></script>

How do people add this in the <head>? By typing it in with a text
editor? With a browser plugin that adds the line automatically? That's
the kind of specific point that needs to be taken care of.

> My prototype doesn't handle the more complex commands
> like 'm' or searches, but that should be a "small matter of programming".
> It might be reasonable (possibly optional) to hide nodes other than
> the current one - especially for a home page, which one
> doesn't want to look too cluttered.
> Another possible enhancement would be to generate a side-bar
> like I do for Kawa and DomTerm: http://domterm.org
> The info.js is unnecessarily complex because the structure
> of the html generated by makeinfo (texinfo 6.0) is very poor.
> To start with texinfo really should generate id="xxx" attributes
> rather than <a name="xxx"> nodes.

Please elaborate on why "name" is better that "id", and anything else
that is wrong with the HTML that is generated.

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