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Infinite loop generating QEMU docs after upgrade to Perl 5.28.0

From: Melvin Mawhin
Subject: Infinite loop generating QEMU docs after upgrade to Perl 5.28.0
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2018 12:46:13 +0000

Since upgrading to perl 5.28 in slackware-current we ran into a bug while generating documentation for qemu

  • The version number of Texinfo and the program(s) or manual(s) involved.
    Texinfo 6.5 / Qemu 2.12.0 (docs) / Perl 5.28.0
  • The contents of any input files necessary to reproduce the bug.
    The Qemu sources contain the document files
  • Precisely how you ran any program(s) involved.
    I ran configure and make. The command causing issues is:
    LC_ALL=C makeinfo --no-split --number-sections -I docs -I . -I . --no-headers --plaintext qemu-doc.texi -o qemu-doc.txt

  • A description of the problem and samples of any erroneous output.
    I have attached 2 logs, 1 with debug, 1 without
  • Hardware and operating system names and versions.
    Lenovo P50 running Slackware-current
  • Anything else that you think would be helpful.
    Problem only happened after upgrading to perl 5.28 and happens with plain text, not html. html builds successfully.

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