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[Bug-time] GNU Time updates (slightly off-topic)

From: Assaf Gordon
Subject: [Bug-time] GNU Time updates (slightly off-topic)
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2017 23:52:41 +0000
User-agent: Mutt/1.5.23 (2014-03-12)


It's time to update GNU time...

As the first step,
I've converted the code to use modern gnulib structure
and added the standard testing framework.
Secondly, I've fixed few issues based on downstream Debian patches.
There shouldn't be any functional changes in the current code.
Later I hope to add few more features.

As the changes are substentials, I haven't pushed to the 'master'
branch yet.

If anyone is interested, the updates are available here:

Or locally with:

 git clone -b modernize1 git://git.sv.gnu.org/time.git
 cd time
 make check

Comments and suggestions are very welcomed.

The current list of changes are:

* 83422f1 maint: move files into subdirectories
* bd53f59 maint: rename configure.in -> .ac
* ec3e270 maint: remove auto-generated version files from git
* d89421d maint: first attempt at modernizing configure.ac
* dce196c maint: remove INSTALL,configure from git
* f7b2a9a maint: add .gitignore
* 3c7d8a8 maint: fix autoconf/config.h + version strings
* fc0470c maint: more files in .gitignore
* a34e2cf maint: remove unneeded files
* d172584 maint: rename 'lib' to 'lib2' in preparations for gnulib import
* 7aa151f build: add gnulib as git submodule
* eb33d9e build: first attempt at building with gnulib
* 37cbcb6 build: use gnulib's error module
* 249f58a build: use gnulib's errno module
* 33b1468 build: use gnulib's getopt-gnu module
* e19a5bb maint: remove PARAMS() macro
* 1a06843 build: use gnulib's unistd module
* d8b3e61 build: add gnulib's warning module
* 2423db5 build: use gnulib's limits-h and stdlib modules
* 553a746 build: use gnulib's string.h module
* 8d6a30a maint: remove port.h
* cd920d3 maint: remove getpagesize.h
* 0d620f8 maint: remove texinfo.tex
* 930c07d build: use gnulib's sys_time,gettimeofday modules
* 4119a98 build: use gnulib's sys_types,sys_wait modules
* 15afc8a build: use gnulib's getrusage/sys_resource modules
* ea7e6f5 maint: update bug report email address
* d7b05e7 time: rewrite -h/--help screen
* 88e9819 time: use gnulib's version-etc module for --version info
* c5cb5ea time: improve exit code upon various failures and signals
* 6e1f7d1 time: add -q/--quiet option
* e65bfe9 time: adjust pages-vs-kb calculations for modern systems
* 2af8efd build: use gnulib's git-version-gen module
* 35d90e3 tests: use automake's test framework
* a83e141 maint: git-ignore more files
* c2267cd tests: add 'time-aux' program, tests max-rss reporting
* 9ee53e0 tests: test exit-code propagation
* 2ddb7f2 build: use gnulib's stdbool
* 91d65d0 build: use gnulib's progname module
* b4dcfcf time: remove unused UL (unsigned long) macro
* f1a048a build: use gnulib's signal-h module


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