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[Bug-wget] repackaging local files for remote installation

From: Mirko Vukovic
Subject: [Bug-wget] repackaging local files for remote installation
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2008 14:44:37 -0500


I am trying to do the following windows XP using cygwin and wget
1.11.3 (and not knowing much about html protocols)

I have an html document that references several pdf files.  The
document was created using emacs muse mode.  Emacs is built for

All of this is on my local machine.  But the html document is on one
drive, the pdf files on another.  The links in the html document work
fine.  Clicking on them brings up acrobat and the pdf file.

I would like to repackage this setup into a temporary local directory
with the html file referencing the pdf files in that local directory.
I would then send the self-contained contents of this directory to a
colleague overseas.

I tried using
> cd temp-dir
> wget --mirror --no-parent --convert-links http://localhost/home/...

The more I think about my problem, the more I wonder whether I am
misusing wget.  For example, the /home/ part works under cygwin, but
the files is actually on the d: and e: drives.

I tried http://localhost/e:/... but wget returns with no file
transfers and no messages.  Same result if I try http://e:/...

Again, maybe wget is just not meant for this application.  Are there

Pointers to references that would improve my knowledge of these
cross-referencing schemes are also welcome.

Thank you,


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