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url-encoding in the wiki - Re: [Bug-wget] [BUG?] Ampersand (&) in url?

From: augustin
Subject: url-encoding in the wiki - Re: [Bug-wget] [BUG?] Ampersand (&) in url?
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2008 12:39:17 +0800
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On Friday 14 November 2008 11:04:56 Robins (रौबिंस थरकन) wrote:
> I'd say that as a general rule, personally, I enquote all URLs (and file
> paths) when using them in a command line... windows or unix. Its far far
> safer..who knows which & or space or whatever screws up the command... in a
> scary way.

Yes, good advice. I don't understand much in that area, yet.

There is no mention of url encoding in the manual.
I think this kind of stuff should be documented in the wiki. I can at least 
help with that.
First, I wonder where in the wiki to put this. I don't want to overburden the 
FAQ page. I am thinking to create a new section for contribution by the 
members of this list about advanced usage.

> .. and just tried your youtube URL with a quote... rightly as the article
> says, works like a charm.

What I wish worked like a charm was getting the 2nd page of videos in the 
channel: http://overshoot.tv/node/340

> > I searched the official bug tracker:
> > but when trying to view a specific issue I get: 
> > " Error: This project has turned off this tracker."

As it turns out, only one issue in the list above give this warning:
  #11827  unescaped ampersands in result page
I don't know why.


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