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[Bug-wget] development future for wget, advanced timestamp

From: .. ...
Subject: [Bug-wget] development future for wget, advanced timestamp
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2008 01:46:59 +0100

Hey, today i realized myself that wget is missing advanced -N timestamp 

Its not a bug, just develop/future idea.

"i want wget to download (mirror site) remote files by timestamp older 
than 2008.08.09 or younger than"

something like
wget --timestamping-olderthan="2008.08.09"

I know it sounds easy but, (why there always have to be but thing)
if remote file is older-than="pattern timestamp" then
check if we have local file on our hdd with that name
if yes (do the rest like is doing -N) check local n remote size and 
match their timestamps
if values are different reupload file

If someone think wget don't need advanced timestamp i can give an 
example where i would use it.

Stay true Igor

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