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[Bug-wget] Hard quotas patch v.003

From: Evgeniy Philippov
Subject: [Bug-wget] Hard quotas patch v.003
Date: Wed, 02 Dec 2009 04:49:40 +0800
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E.Philippov wrote:

This patch is definitely not ready. It has problems with function return values

Fixed now.

and printed stdout/stderr messages

Fixed now.

and possibly wget program exit codes.

Fixed now.

This patch must be reworked.


Please review the new v.003 version of this patch:


(It is against the current hg mainline.)

(I didn't include a changelog entry there, sigh...)

I do not currently have any employer. This patch is public domain.

I am currently testing this patch. Initial small tests have passed OK.

Evgeniy Philippov.

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