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[Bug-wget] Re: wget on DOS

From: Mark Hoitinga
Subject: [Bug-wget] Re: wget on DOS
Date: Thu, 3 Dec 2009 16:51:32 +0100


I work for years with wget. At this moment I have no Linux. However, I use
wget. In my situation I have now wget on Windows. I can not execute the
following commands:

wget --post-data
"http://www.belegger.nl/koersen.php?page=bhistory&naam=ING_GROEP"; -O
--save-cookies rofl --keep-session-cookies

wget --load-cookies rofl "
http://www.belegger.nl/pages/koersen/hopslaan.php?naam=ING+GROEP"; -O ING.csv

Maybe you can translate for me this commands in Windows CLI so that it can
be run under DOS.

I'm sorry I do not currently use Linux. I use it for years. I have read that
you can help me. The commands I try to translate myself. But this was not

I have also tried everything with the characters. In particular, the "

I've read through the following website:

Would you translate the commands and mail it to me?

I greatly appreciate your help.

Best regards,

Mark Hoitinga


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