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[Bug-wget] Faulty time information in FTP directory listing

From: mrother
Subject: [Bug-wget] Faulty time information in FTP directory listing
Date: Sat, 12 Dec 2009 00:39:19 -0500

  I ran into a (mildly annoying) problem with the timestamps produced for   a 
FTP directory listing. If the time of a file is between 00:00 and 00:59 the   
time field will be left blank in the html-ified output. To see what I   mean, 
try the following:?
  ?       wget -q -O - ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/ | grep -E "2009   
(Dec|Nov|Oct|Sep|Aug|Jul) .. [^0-9]"?
  I'm currently getting three entries that show this (faulty) behavior.?
  The reason is quite clear looking at the code of function ftp_index()   in 
src/ftp-ls.c: The check "if (ptm->tm_hour)" is responsible for   producing 
this result, by selecting the else-case for a time between   00:00 and 00:59.?
  I can imagine that this was an attempt to cater for the fact that UNIX   
style FTP server won't produce time information for "older" files (e.g.    > 
180 days old). The output received after a FTP LIST command will show   the 
year instead of "hh:mm" for these kind of files. Nevertheless it's   wrong (or 
at least not as good as it should be) for recent files, where   the LIST 
information contains the time.?
  I have found myself a workaround for this problem by either using curl   or 
the --server-response information and discarding the html-ified output.?
  I don't want to mess around with a patch for this bug, but I guess the   
"struct fileinfo" could do with an additional flag that gets set accordingly in 
  the ftp_parse_*_ls() functions (where the parsing takes place). I leave it   
up to you guys to make that call. I'm just surprised to have encountered this   

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