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RE: [Bug-wget] wget with no stdout delivers no result

From: Tony Lewis
Subject: RE: [Bug-wget] wget with no stdout delivers no result
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 2009 08:53:16 -0800

Does the cron job have access to create/write a file in /var/log/?

If wget is returning a status code, it was able to load and run. You need to
find out what is happening while it's running.

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Sent: Monday, December 14, 2009 1:16 AM
To: Tony Lewis
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Subject: Re: [Bug-wget] wget with no stdout delivers no result

Hi Tony,

Thanks for your answer.

I tried to run wget wit the --debug option. It doesn't seem that wget 
creates the log file as defined with the -o option. Still: invoked on 
the shell the script and wget runs without any problem.

~ # cat /var/log/wget.log
cat: can't open '/var/log/wget.log': No such file or directory

I noticed that wget quits with 1 if started by crond. If I run the 
script directly, wget returns with 0. What could this mean?

Dec 14 08:54:01 40-363DA691-240 user.notice root: wget starts
Dec 14 08:54:01 40-363DA691-240 user.notice root: wget returned 1

Could it be, that there are any environmental settings (to find shared 
libraries or so) missing?

The script:

logger "$0: started"
SN=`sqlite3 $DB 'SELECT SerialNumber FROM DeviceSettings WHERE ID=0;'`
PORTALHOST=`sqlite3 $DB 'SELECT Address FROM NetworkAddresses WHERE ID=5;'`


logger "wget start"
wget --debug -t 4 --no-check-certificate -o /var/log/wget.log -O 
logger "wget returned $?"

VALUE=`cat $ONLINEREQUESTFILE | awk -F"=" {'print $2'}`
logger "$0: I got `cat $ONLINEREQUESTFILE` -> $VALUE from $CHECKURL"

kind regards


Tony Lewis schrieb:
> Instead of running with -q, try running with --debug and report back on
> wget is reporting when run from a cron job.
> Tony
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> [mailto:address@hidden On Behalf Of Maurus
> Sent: Saturday, December 12, 2009 6:54 AM
> To: address@hidden
> Subject: [Bug-wget] wget with no stdout delivers no result
> Hi,
> I'm regularly using wget without any problem for wide spread of web tasks.
> Now I got a problem using wget (Ver. 1.12 - compiled from source) on a
> "embedded" Linux device (running kernel 2.6.28 and busybox).
> The following shell script works fine if called from the console. It
> "doesn't work" if it's started from the background (crond) or with
> redirected Output to /dev/null. "It doesn't work" means that there is a
> empty Variable logged to syslog (by the command logger)
> #!/bin/sh
> wget -q -o /home/maus/wget.log -O /home/maus/wget.result
> http://maus.blabla.ch/myip.php
> IP=`cat /home/maus/wget.result`
> logger $IP
> rm /home/maus/wget.result
> I'm confused completely from the fact, that the same script works fine
> on my Linux (Mint [Ubuntu]) computer but not on the embedded device.
> Any suggestions? Thanks.
> regards
> maurus

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