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[Bug-wget] Exit status

From: nima chavooshi
Subject: [Bug-wget] Exit status
Date: Tue, 29 Dec 2009 22:38:59 +0330

First of thanks for your effort on this very good tool :)
In my new project I have to program a download server for downloading too
files for one company, so I decide to use wget as back-end program and main
engine. I need to check status of wget whether or not downloading has been
completed and if there is any error, can handle it. So I need to know
completely information about exit status, for example type of error: network
failure or server error or etc. I have found this link " *
gnu.org/software/wget/manual/html_node/Exit-Status.html#Exit-Status *" about
exit status from wget page. Is this list all of exit status of Wget?
Unfortunately I could not correctly get result from my tests, my results are
different those exit status.

Thanks for any help or guidance


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