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[Bug-wget] Sprint Security non-challenge use case

From: Tim Pizey
Subject: [Bug-wget] Sprint Security non-challenge use case
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2010 13:23:20 +0100

Hi Micah and list,

Thanks for a great utility, whose size and complexity I am only just
beginning to appreciate.

I have just been tripped up by the newish (post 1.10.2 ) behaviour of
wget, that it relies upon a challenge prior to supplying
authentication headers.

I have written up the problem at

To paraphrase: I think the old behaviour was more intuitive: if user
supplies username and password pass them on to server.

The Spring Security auto-config (ie their default) is to respect
http-basic authentication if it is supplied but to redirect the 'user'
to a forms based login if it is not supplied, ie not to issue a

So I suggest that at the least the manpage wording is changed, if not
the behaviour reverted.


Tim Pizey
Centre for Genomics and Global Health <http://cggh.org>

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