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Re: [Bug-wget] Patch to allow wget to respect 307 redirects

From: Giuseppe Scrivano
Subject: Re: [Bug-wget] Patch to allow wget to respect 307 redirects
Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2010 13:14:13 +0100
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thanks for your patch!  I have looked at it and it seems fine, but in
order to accept it into wget, we will have to complete the copyright
assignment to the FSF process.

I will send you more details in a separate e-mail.


Filipe Brandenburger <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello,
> Recently I had a problem with wget. This application of mine has data
> spread over several HTTP/1.1 servers that know about the others. A
> client can query any of the servers, if the server doesn't have the
> information it will know which other server has the information and it
> will return an HTTP redirect to the URL on the other server. Some of
> the queries use POST to specify parameters to which data they want,
> but those are also subject to receiving HTTP redirects, in which case
> the POST should be repeated on the next server.
> Usually after an HTTP redirect the client will repeat the query with a
> GET, that's the Post/Redirect/Get pattern
> (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Post/Redirect/Get) used by web forms to
> send the user to another web page instead of generating the HTML
> content on the submit URL. To solve this ambiguity, HTTP/1.1
> introduced status code 307 that indicates that the server expects the
> client to try the next URL but using the same method (see
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_HTTP_status_codes#3xx_Redirection,
> RFC2616 is the one that defines this new code, but unfortunately I
> found it to be not very explicit about this behaviour). So those
> redirects I was referring to above are all implemented as 307
> Redirects.
> When using an HTML form in Firefox this works just fine, but I was
> trying to automate it and I noticed that wget doesn't work with that.
> I tried curl and saw that curl handles the 307 Redirects correctly, so
> for the time I had to resort to using curl to implement my scripts for
> now, which is not ideal since wget is my tool of choice...
> So I decided to fix the issue in wget, to make it behave like both
> Firefox and curl, and to respect the "spirit" (if not the "letter") of
> the RFC.
> Attached to this e-mail you will find a patch created over the latest
> (at this time) wget 1.12-2443 from the bzr repository.
> Also attached to this e-mail there is a tarball with some files to
> help test the issue. The wget307test.tgz file should be unpacked
> directly under /var/www (or whatever the Apache root htdocs directory
> is). There's an .htaccess that will set up all that needs setting up
> as long as "AllowOverride all" is set for that directory in the main
> Apache config file. actual.cgi is a Perl CGI that will receive the
> redirected requests (redirect from /wget307test/redirect.cgi with code
> 307 also implemented inside .htaccess) and test if it worked or not.
> testform.html is a form that can be used to test the submit to an URL
> that will return a 307 Redirect from a web browser such as Firefox.
> testcurl.sh is a shell script that will do the test using curl (I
> tested it with curl 7.19.7 and it works). testwget.sh is a shell
> script that will do the test using wget (I tested it with vanilla 1.12
> or even unpatched 1.12-2443 from bzr and it does not work). The output
> of the CGI (which is what each test displays) is textual and will
> print a line indicating if the test worked or not based on a submitted
> parameter (that will be lost if the POST was translated to a GET as in
> wget's case). It will also print another submitted variable (a little
> sanity check for the CGI) and which method (GET or POST) was used for
> the request to the CGI.
> I also updated the documentation (wget.texi used to generate all
> others including man page) and the ChangeLog, but I may have forgotten
> something, feel free to change anything in the patch that you feel
> could be done better.
> I hope this helps, and I really hope to see this fix included in the
> next official release of wget! :-D
> Keep up the great work building this awesome web client tool!
> Cheers,
> Filipe

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