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[Bug-wget] Failed Login

From: Michele Mor
Subject: [Bug-wget] Failed Login
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2010 19:22:39 +0300

I am successfully connecting and downloading a file from a ftp site using 
curl.I am trying to do the same using wget (easier to download multiple files), 
but I have a failed login.
Note that I use Win and I have installed Wget 1.11-4.
The curl line that I use is:curl --insecure 
ftps://username:address@hidden:990/folder/filename.rar -o "C:\Work\filename.rar"

Using wget I tried the following:wget --secure-protocol=SSLv3 
--no-check-certificate ftp://username:address@hidden:990/folder/filename.rar
Any idea why the login fails?Thanks.

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