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[Bug-wget] --no-clobber, yet --page-requisites afterwards ...

From: Albretch Mueller
Subject: [Bug-wget] --no-clobber, yet --page-requisites afterwards ...
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2011 17:52:26 +0000

 I mistakenly used --level=1 together with --force-directories,
--page-requisites and --html-extension; thinking that wget would
download also the pages' images, style sheets, media files ... and
reset their URL path to their relative new local directories
 After realizing I was wrong I changed it to --level=2, but now, since
I am using --no-clobber, wget finds the files locally, so it does not
look into the local files to see the page requisites are local as well
 Also wget downloads the third party files to the same --directory-prefix.
 Could you instruct wget to download those other pages ... to a
different directory (the parent directory in this case) and fix all
URLs to their local versions?
 Thank you

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