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Re: [Bug-wget] Login to sonic.net using post-data over https not working

From: Ray Satiro
Subject: Re: [Bug-wget] Login to sonic.net using post-data over https not working
Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2011 20:06:54 -0800 (PST)

> I am trying to use wget to update my IPv6 tunnel endpoint  on

> sonic.net. My plan is to use the two steps process described in the
> man  page, first saving a session cookie, then posting the updated IP
> address to a  different page on the site. I am stuck on getting a
> working login with the  below command. Any help appreciated.
> Thanks,
> __
> Eric
> $ wget  --no-check-certificate --keep-session-cookies --save-cookies
> cookies.txt  --post-data "user=mylogin&pw=mypassword" -S -dv
> https://members.sonic.net/
> Setting --verbose (verbose) to 1
> DEBUG  output created by Wget 1.12 on cygwin.
> URI encoding =  `UTF-8'
> --2011-02-05 07:22:57--  https://members.sonic.net/


> ---request begin---
> POST /  HTTP/1.0
> User-Agent: Wget/1.12 (cygwin)
> Accept: */*
> Host:  members.sonic.net
> Connection: Keep-Alive
> Content-Type:  application/x-www-form-urlencoded
> Content-Length: 22
> ---request  end---


> <div  class="error"
> style="padding-top:20px;padding-bottom:5px;text-align:center;">Please
> enable  cookies for members.sonic.net</div>

The server requires a PHPSESSID cookie be set before login. The FAQ has  an 
example that saves a session cookie after login but not before login. So in a 
situation like yours you'd typically have an additional step. You'd have to 
access the page with the login form first to get a valid session cookie before 
attempting to post.

However it happens the way they have their server setup you can pass in a blank 
PHPSESSID when you POST and it should assign you a valid one and at the same 
time allow your login. That's my theory, anyway. If I pass this
I get a valid session in the reply and no cookie error message.
printf "members.sonic.net\tFALSE\t/\tTRUE\t0\tPHPSESSID\t" > sonic.txt

I suggest that you not disable certificate checking. Check this from yesterday 
for help

So first either set a blank session cookie (described above) or better just get 
wget --save-cookies=sonic.txt --keep-session-cookies https://members.sonic.net/

Then login:
wget --load-cookies=sonic.txt --save-cookies=sonic.txt --keep-session-cookies 
--post-data="user=a&pw=b" https://members.sonic.net/



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