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Re: [Bug-wget] Missing gnulib files in development version

From: Jochen Roderburg
Subject: Re: [Bug-wget] Missing gnulib files in development version
Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2011 21:04:08 +0100
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Zitat von Giuseppe Scrivano <address@hidden>:

Jochen Roderburg <address@hidden> writes:

I have some problems compiling recent development versions (with the
WARC additions) on my Linux.

First it was missing a "tmpdir.h". Looking around I saw some "tmpdir"
files in the gnulib directories, but obviously they were not where the
build process was looking for them. I tried a rerun of the bootstrap
script which updated a lot of gnulib stuff and now the "tmpdir.h" was

Next it was missing a "base32.h". A "base32" is also listed in the
bootstrap.conf, but base32 files did not show up despite repeated
reruns of the bootstrap script.

What to try next ??

something is going wrong with the bootstrap script.  Can you please
include what the bootstrap script prints?  Do you get any error?  Does
it happen from a clean checkout too?


Hmm, that's a tough measure, a "complete bootstrap", but this works of course ;-)

When I do a fresh wget checkout and run the bootstrap script, if downloads the gnulib files, just as I remembered from "long ago", and after that there are now no missing files.

Looking more closely into the "old" gnulib directory I see that all the files there have some old date and were obviuosly never updated. I had always thought that such updates were also done by that bootstrap script, but this seemed to be a complete misunderstanding on my side. When I delete the local gnulib directory again und rerun the bootstrap, the files are re-downloaded, but nothing is done when this directory exists. It starts straight ahead with the local files then and does not make an attempt to contact a net resource.

So this all boils down to the point that I have to do such gnulib updates manually when I somehow get the impression that wget needs newer files from that package (or just always when I do a wget update ;-).

Ciao, J.Roderburg

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