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Re: [Bug-wget] Windows 7 makes wget less intuitive

From: Henrik Holst
Subject: Re: [Bug-wget] Windows 7 makes wget less intuitive
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2011 19:31:01 +0100

Could this be solved by having wget do a change to cwd, when running on
windows. Or something like that?

/henrik holst
Den 30 nov 2011 18:31 skrev "David H. Lipman" <address@hidden>:

> From: "Paul Wratt" <address@hidden>
> > this may have something to do with "working directory" which when an
> > exe is run from a shortcut, uses the exe folder as the default path.
> > Some testing on win7 is needed to clarify this issue, as that "Program
> > Files" path is used for 32bit apps on 64bit installation..
> >
> If the command is NOT in the PATH then you have to be in the directory
> where the command
> exists and when you run the command it will drop the downloaded files
> there.  When the
> command and dependencies are in the PATH then all I have to do is open a
> Command Prompt,
> type "Y:" and run a FQ WGET command and the file(s) ovtained will be in
> the "Y:" drive.  I
> dion't think the behaviour is any different for Win64 vs. Win32.
> --
> Dave
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