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[Bug-wget] assigning a new output file name for each member of a downloa

From: 2AS1
Subject: [Bug-wget] assigning a new output file name for each member of a download list
Date: Tue, 22 May 2012 07:37:46 -0400


I want to use WGET in an application that will download files for users and
the last download for each user should be stored in a permanent file name
to be used for each download per user.

Rather than instantiating wget for each download, using a command line that
includes -O -output-filename=file url .  It would be ideal if I could use a
list with each file in the list followed by an -O output file name

In my case I think it would be more efficient since I am going to be
downloading maybe 100 files at one time, many times a day ..

Perhaps instantiating  each time is not a performance hit .. but anyway ..
Before I do that .. is their anyway to use the -I list feature and include
a new file output name for each file in the list ?

Thank you ..


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