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Re: [Bug-wget] How to Use WGET in Windows

From: David H. Lipman
Subject: Re: [Bug-wget] How to Use WGET in Windows
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2012 20:14:10 -0400

From: "MIKE MCDANIEL" <address@hidden>

Thanks so much for ALL the responses. I've taken Angel's advice & created a new folder
entitled "Progs"
Yet, I don't know where to put it, as I have the following 3 folders in my C-drive: "Progs" "My Web Sites" and "Program Files (x86)" The first 2 of these 3 folders are empty, and the 3rd one contains my "GnuWin32" file. (I very recently downloaded GnuWin32 sed 4.2.1 but have not yet successfuly used it.) I might also need some information as to HOW to put the
folder where I need it.

Assuming;  c:\progs

Drop WGET and all dependent DLLs in that folder.

Right-Click on Computer and choose "Properties"
Advanced System Settings --> Environment variables
Under "System variables"
Find "Path" and choose "Edit"
Append the string;   ;c:\progs  to "Variable value"
NOTE: each item in the PATH must be separated by the ";" delimeter. That's why you append ";c:\progs" not "c:\progs"

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