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[Bug-wget] wget metalink support for Google Summer of Code 2012

From: Anthony Bryan
Subject: [Bug-wget] wget metalink support for Google Summer of Code 2012
Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2012 16:57:12 -0400


İlim Uğur is adding metalink support (a way for programs to get
mirrors & hashes about downloads) to wget as part of gsoc.

we're about halfway through the summer so I thought I'd mention it.
it's still a work in progress but İlim's met his midterm goals.
Micah is mentoring and says that Makefile.am and configure.ac will be
the next step to a wider audience.

you need libmetalink: https://launchpad.net/libmetalink

and you can try it out from here: https://github.com/ilimugur/GSoC-Project

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  )) Easier, More Reliable, Self Healing Downloads

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