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[Bug-wget] --post-file questions

From: Johan Moraal
Subject: [Bug-wget] --post-file questions
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2013 10:51:15 +0200

Hi All

How do I get wget to post a list of files, each in a seperate HTTP request?

I've tried the following in a batch file:

wget -a vid_2_1.log --delete-after --header="range: -1"
wget -a vid_2_2.log --delete-after --header="range: -1"
wget -a vid_2_3.log --delete-after --header="range: -1"
wget -a vid_2_4.log --delete-after --header="range: -1"
wget -a vid_2_5.log --delete-after --header="range: -1"

This posts 5 files to the server consecutively. The problem is that wget
closes the connection and exits. Then a new instance of wget is started to
post the next file.

I want one instance of wget to stay alive, and to generate a new HTTP
request for each file, over the same connection.


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