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[Bug-wget] wget not the right tool to scrape jsf/ajax site?

From: Ryan, Lyle
Subject: [Bug-wget] wget not the right tool to scrape jsf/ajax site?
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2013 23:00:50 +0000

Hello, bug-wget.  I hope this is the right list for user questions.

For years, we've been happy calling wget to log in to our website and report 
back the findings to Nagios (ie verify the website functionality).   But our 
new incarnation of the site is built with jsf/ajax, and evidently expects the 
requestor to interpret javascript.   Googling shows that others have the same 
problem, as wget is not a javascript-enabled browser.

Any suggestions for a better tool or how to do it with wget?   This is on a 
"headless" Solaris box, so the tool needs to be called from a shell script.


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