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[Bug-wget] wget Recursive accept/reject

From: Chernukhin, Sergey A.
Subject: [Bug-wget] wget Recursive accept/reject
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2013 16:28:35 +0600


Sorry for the bad English, translating, translator.


I use Wget is a very good program, but when retrieving recursively from a site 
using cookies, the program clicks the exit button.

The use of the Recursive accept/reject does not help. The program will download 
the file but does not save to disk.

The server thinks that I clicked exit and makes reset the cookie.

Is it possible to make so that the key-A, --accept=LIST-R, --reject=LIST 
completely prohibited the appeal of the site.


Sincerely, Sergei.

Thank you.



С уважением Чернухин Сергей.

Инженер Нижневартовского ПО ОАО <ТесКом>

+7 (3466) 670331

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