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[Bug-wget] Sometimes servers return false "HTTP 1.1 416" response when "

From: Alex
Subject: [Bug-wget] Sometimes servers return false "HTTP 1.1 416" response when "--continue" and "--timestamping"
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2013 20:45:54 +0200
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Reported by kenny5705 - "Some files from "downloads.microsoft.com" with
"-cN" key combination don't resume downloads with 416 error".

If send HEAD request with correct "Range : bytes" headers mostly servers answers
"HTTP 1.1 200", but sometime they can answer "HTTP 1.1 416" (and as result,
resuming download interrupts with "The file is already fully retrieved;
nothing to do.").

Also check this with Curl. Logs in zip in attachment.

As far as I can see/understood, "Range" in HEAD request isn't mandatory.
It is safe to remove it (and send only in GET requests)? Possible patch in zip.
Check - it resumes downloads as should.

PS. I don't understood... Two days ago this is happens much more frequently... But i'm was unawared and didn't saves all logs. Now it appeared only if exist large (several hours) time interval before last tries...

Best regars, Alex

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