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Re: [Bug-wget] [Bug--Wget] Issue with RFC 2067 Digest Headers

From: Giuseppe Scrivano
Subject: Re: [Bug-wget] [Bug--Wget] Issue with RFC 2067 Digest Headers
Date: Sun, 14 Jul 2013 00:47:48 +0200
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Darshit Shah <address@hidden> writes:

>> Do you know a test HTTP server that supports auth-int ?
>> If yes, we could try to implement it.
>> In the Test Suite I am currently writing, I had the server to simply send
> a qop=auth-int without really supporting it to see how Wget responds.
> I can implement auth-int support in that server too if we have any
> intentions of adding support to Wget.
>> You are right:
>> At the moment any other qop value than 'auth' or missing qop return throws
>> out
>>       logprintf (LOG_NOTQUIET, _("Unsupported quality of protection
>> '%s'.\n"),
>> qop);
>> and returns NULL, wich in turn just removes the Authenticate header but
>> doesn't stop the GET request (in gethttp()).
>> If we want that, digest_authentication_encode() would need to return a
>> status/error code.
>> Yes. A way to exit out of the loop instantly.
> But this issue should not stop Guiseppe's patch.
>> His patch is already pushed.

I think we can address this issue separately.  It is a nice optimization
to have but I wouldn't consider it as a blocking bug for the release.

Darshit, is this issue blocking for your new tests?


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