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[Bug-wget] ot: extracting content from d/l pages

From: voytek
Subject: [Bug-wget] ot: extracting content from d/l pages
Date: Tue, 7 Jan 2014 14:40:21 +1100
User-agent: SquirrelMail/1.5.2 [SVN]

thanks for all the tips, snippets and encouragement!

I eventually suceeded in 'pushing buttons', and, 'got in', got my page

this is somewhat off topic, but, perhaps there is option that can help me ?

I have like:

wget -O page.html url
links -dump page.html > page.txt

that worked well, till server got re-developed

when I run the script, page.html DOES contain desired data, BUT, NOT page.txt

looking at page.html it has like[1]:

readonly? is this some sort of attempt to prevent copying of data..?

thanks for any pointers

<label class="pfbc-label">Suburb</label><input type="text"
name="SYS_Addresses_e_address_i_0_e_district_tx" value="SYDNEY"
readonly="readonly" class="ro pfbc-textbox"/>

<label class="pfbc-label">State</label><input type="hidden" value="NSW"
name="SYS_Addresses_e_address_i_0_e_state_cd"><input type="text"
name="SYS_Addresses_e_address_i_0_e_state_cd_d" value="NSW"
readonly="readonly" class="ro pfbc-textbox"/>

<label class="pfbc-label">Postcode</label><input type="text"
name="SYS_Addresses_e_address_i_0_e_postcode_tx" value="2000"
readonly="readonly" class="ro pfbc-textbox"/>

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