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[Bug-wget] Debug symbols

From: Jeff Janes
Subject: [Bug-wget] Debug symbols
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2014 10:41:47 -0800

I am building from a git checkout.

After running ./bootstrap, the resulting "./configure --help" advertises a
--disable-debug option.  To me this suggests that debugging symbols are
included by default.  But they are not, there are no debugging symbols in
the resulting binary, i.e. no line numbers when using gdb.

the ./configure script also accepts --enable-debug (but does not advertise
it in help), but that option doesn't do anything, at least not for gcc.

I've found that I can get debuggings symbols by manually forcing it, using:

make CFLAGS='-g -O2 -Wall'

But this should not be necessary.  There seems to be some bug in the system
that generates the ./configure file.  But I am not familiar with that
system.  Before I try to dig into and figure out what is going, does anyone
have any words of wisdom?



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