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Re: [Bug-wget] downloading entire site to transfer q?

From: Voytek
Subject: Re: [Bug-wget] downloading entire site to transfer q?
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2014 09:59:16 +1100
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Tim, Angel,

Thanks for your advice

On November 11, 2014 9:25:55 AM GMT+11:00, "Ángel González" <address@hidden> 

>> what is the proper way, is there a single command to run with such ?
>> or, is this javascript, and, wget doesn't do javascript ?
>wget doesn't run javascript. Why do you use a javascript redirect?
>This code is wrong in many ways. :(

I have nothing to do with it, I was asked to transfer this 'legacy' 'dormant' 
site, and, they don't have ftp access, (hence I figured wget to the rescue...)
(and, another **big** thanks for some tips from the past from the wget 
community !!! that I use as needed when needed with great success, maybe only 
once a month, but it's invaluable to me, THANKS AGAIN)


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