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[Bug-wget] Configuration to ignore a specified domain, or treat it diffe

From: Dun Peal
Subject: [Bug-wget] Configuration to ignore a specified domain, or treat it differently?
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2014 16:36:27 -0800

I'm using wget to mirror an old website with all of its
--page-requisites. Unfortunately, one of the domains which used to
serve some of these requisites - is now offline. Every time wget tries
to get anything from that domain, it blocks for 10+ seconds until the
connection finally times out.

This issue is substantially exacerbated by the 20 retries. I want to
keep the default retry count at 20, but I know this one particular
domain is never going to respond.

Is there a way to tell wget to ignore that domain entirely, i.e. not
try to fetch anything from there?

If not, can I at least apply different configurations to request from
that domain, for example specify 0 retries for it?

Otherwise, any other suggested solutions for this problem?

Thanks, D.

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