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Re: [Bug-wget] [GSoC 2015] Basic HTTP/2 support

From: Daniel Stenberg
Subject: Re: [Bug-wget] [GSoC 2015] Basic HTTP/2 support
Date: Sun, 3 May 2015 23:32:12 +0200 (CEST)
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On Fri, 1 May 2015, Miquel Llobet wrote:

Do you suggest starting off with HTTPS first then?

Yes sure if you want to get something going first, and then using both NPN and ALPN for maximum compliance at least for now.

It seems like most client/browsers only plan to support HTTPS.

Firefox and Chrome are both only doing HTTP/2 over HTTPS. I'm not aware of anyone else have stated it that clarly.

But these two are big enough to also have the effect that lots of sites will then only offer HTTP/2 over HTTPS. Like currently all the google services and twitter do.


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