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[Bug-wget] Force use of no default certificates

From: John Edwards
Subject: [Bug-wget] Force use of no default certificates
Date: Mon, 4 May 2015 11:28:01 +0200

Hi all,

we're having trouble forcing wget to reject https servers that do not
present themselves with valid certificate in the context of custom CA. It
seems that wget has some default set of trusted certificates (that is
verisign, blah blah) that can't be disabled.

For example, I want this to fail
wget -O- --ca-certificate=myservercert.pem https://www.google.com

assuming myservercert.pem has nothing to do with Google's certificate or
its trust chain, but it does not fail. With curl, I'm having no trouble.

According to replies at
this seems to be a bug (or configuration error?) on some wget versions, but
not others.

Any thoughts?

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