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[Bug-wget] Understanding Wget - FTP Client

From: Satyam Zode
Subject: [Bug-wget] Understanding Wget - FTP Client
Date: Fri, 8 May 2015 18:34:49 +0530

Hello everyone !
                I am working on GNU Wget FTP Test suite, I have been
understanding the different aspects and working of FTP Server from RFC 959
and other resources. I have some questions related to Wget (that is FTP
client side) in my mind. I am also trying to understand working of Wget
from src/ftp*.c . I want your general opinion on below queries. I have also
specified pointers in brackets.

1) How Wget (as client) handles FTP server ? ( connection establishment,
initial commands,connection types etc.)

2) Which FTP commands are supported/used by Wget ? (Access control commands
, Transfer parameter commands , FTP service commands)

3) Which transmission mode does Wget use ? (stream mode , block mode or
compressed mode)

4) How different Wget option works ? (I have analysed FTP Server replies by
using Wget option "-S" and other options too.)

I kindly request to everyone to help me out to understand GNU Wget. If you
think something is important to know but not mentioned above then please
feel free to share.

Thank you !
Satyam Zode
PICT , Pune

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