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[Bug-wget] wget: configure.ac: gnutl > openssl ordering patch and libtoo

From: Alex Damb
Subject: [Bug-wget] wget: configure.ac: gnutl > openssl ordering patch and libtool support
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2016 08:32:31 +0300


This patch for configure.ac replaces logic of searching ssl backend: if not 
specified with --with-ssl=openssl, --with-ssl=gnutls or --with-ssl=no, then, 
first, tries to find gnutls library and, if failes, then tries to find openssl. 
In addition, it adds LT_INIT call to call libtool for specifying rpath option.  

Motivation: not defining --with-ssl=openssl and LDFLAGS="-I/opt/openssl/path 
-Wl,rpath,/opt/openssl/path" in case, when openssl or gnutls is correctly 
installed in non-standard locations, but with providing correct pkg-config files

tar xf wget-1.18.tar.xz
cd wget-1.18
patch < ../wget-1.18-configure.ac.patch
./configure ...

Attachment: wget-1.18-configure.ac.patch
Description: Source code patch

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