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Re: [Bug-wget] wget from a subfolder of a site

From: Dale R. Worley
Subject: Re: [Bug-wget] wget from a subfolder of a site
Date: Sun, 24 Dec 2017 08:50:36 -0500

"ifffam ..." <address@hidden> writes:
> Hello! I wanted to ask you how to download just a part of a site, I
> mean, starting from a subfolder. I have tried
> wget -r --no-parent http://www.astrosurf.com/luxorion/menu-quantique.htm
> but didn't work, I mean, it downloaded the whole
> www.astrosurf.com<http://www.astrosurf.com> site (more than 6GB!). I
> also tried adding -np but it didn't work either.

There are various complexities, but the --include-dirrectories option
can help.

The major limitation, of course, is that wget will only fetch files that
are pointed to by other files it downloads, so there's no guarantee
you're getting every file in the subfolder.


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