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[Bug-wget] Hello again

From: michael
Subject: [Bug-wget] Hello again
Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2018 20:57:11 +0300

Hello again,

My name is Michael. I have approached you about a year ago.

I am interested in making wget2 a tool that can convert content management
systems (like WordPress) output to HTML. This actually limits the content
management system to generate the website every time it is changed, and the
presentation is done using the HTTP server only.

This is an important feature as it prevents security risk - penetration of
hacker to the site and installing viruses or stealing data.
It also allows the website to be delivered much faster as no PHP code needs
to run in order to deliver the content. Google already announced that site
download speed is a factor in its SEO evaluation.

I will be able to work for 3 hours every week on the project. I do need some
guidance from you.

I have started to configure Netbeans IDE as using a debugger can help me
delve into the code much faster. There are some issues with the Netbeans. Do
you use Id? Which one?

Best regards,


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