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[Bug-wget] Wget results VERY different from browser save

From: Marshall Burns
Subject: [Bug-wget] Wget results VERY different from browser save
Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2019 12:30:06 -0600

On closer inspection, I've found that the results from Wget and Firefox are
very different. Neither is perfect, but the Wget results are definitely
wrong. Here are the results from both:



wget --append-output=Wget_Google.log --show-progress --no-directories
--adjust-extension --directory-prefix=download/Google2 --convert-links
--backup-converted --page-requisites --span-hosts http://www.Google.com


Contents of folder "download\Google2":

2016 12 07  19:00             5,482

2019 01 02  11:10            11,587      index.html

2019 01 02  11:10            11,437      index.html.orig

2016 12 16  06:30            12,263      nav_logo229.png

2018 11 16  04:00             6,913      robots.txt

               5 File(s)         47,682 bytes


Wget log: See attached "Wget_Google.log".

Result of save as viewed in Firefox: See attached "Google from Wget.png".


Firefox at https://www.google.com/

File > Save Page As > Save as type: Web Page, complete


Contents of folder:

2019 01 02  11:15           222,403      Google2.htm

2019 01 02  11:15    <DIR>          Google2_files


Contents of subfolder "Google2_files"

2019 01 02  11:15           140,084      cbgapi.loaded_0

2019 01 02  11:15            13,504      googlelogo_color_272x92dp.png

2019 01 02  11:15            85,565

2019 01 02  11:15           140,913

2019 01 02  11:15           403,380

               5 File(s)        783,446 bytes


Result of save as viewed in Firefox: See attached "Google from Firefox.png".


Actual appearance of the webpage: See attached "Google original.png".




                * The main file saved by Firefox is 218 kb, that by Wget is
only 12 kb.

                * Firefox saves five additional files, Wget only three, and
none of them even have the same filenames!

                * Firefox gets the page layout right, including headers and
footers, but for some reason doesn't show the logo. Wget looks like it
downloaded a different page. The whole layout is different. But it got the
logo right.


What do I need to do for Wget to get the page correctly?


Thank you.







From: address@hidden [mailto:address@hidden 
Sent: Wednesday, January 2, 2019 04:50
To: 'address@hidden'
Subject: How to simulate "Save as webpage, complete"?


Hi, not a bug, but a question:


The command:

wget --no-directories --adjust-extension --directory-prefix _files
--convert-links --page-requisites --span-hosts http://www.Google.com


saves the Google homepage as "index.html" along with associated files, all
together in the folder "_files". The result works nicely, but what I want is
for "index.html" to be in one folder and the associated files to be in a
subfolder of that called "_files". This is what a browser does when one asks
it to "save as webpage, complete." How do I simulate that behavior with


The manual entry for -P / --directory-prefix says "the directory prefix is
the directory where all other files and subdirectories will be saved."
Because of the word "other," I thought this would do what I want, but it
didn't. It put all the files in the same directory, including "index.html".


I am using Wget, v. 1.20 as the Windows binary provided by Jernej Simončič
at www.eternallybored.org/misc/wget/ and running it in a DOS window
("Command Prompt") of Windows 7.


Thanks for your help.


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