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[Bug-wget] WGET2: '--convert-links' breaks from '--html-extension' as we

From: Jeffrey Fetterman
Subject: [Bug-wget] WGET2: '--convert-links' breaks from '--html-extension' as well as '--adjust-extension'
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2019 16:05:15 -0600

If you specify --html-extension or --adjust-extension when downloading a
page that does not end with an extension (might also be a problem with any
site that doesn't end in .html), wget2 can't find the file to convert the
links afterward.

Can this please get looked into? It's been 3 weeks since I've posted this
up as an issue on gitlab <https://gitlab.com/gnuwget/wget2/issues/423> and
there hasn't been any response, I've been having to use the December 12th
build in the meantime. The build the day after, which was supposed to fix
an issue related to convert-links, is what broke it.

At the time, it wasn't a big deal, but there's been a ton of updates since
then and no word if convert-links is going to be resolved.

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