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Wget for Windows unicode issue

From: Leonid Pavel
Subject: Wget for Windows unicode issue
Date: Tue, 12 May 2020 12:37:57 +1000
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I'm trying to use wget for windows with unicode characters and getting issues with filename creation.

Passing in "wget http://example.com/á.png"; directly works fine, however if I put the URL in a UTF-8 encoded file and run "wget -i myfile.txt", it downloads the file as "A¡.png" which is obviously incorrect.

Setting the file encoding as UTF-16 / UCS-2 just breaks entirely (tries to make a request to a gibberish URL)

However writing the file as ANSI/ASCII works correctly. This works for my example, but for characters that are not able to be represented as ASCII characters will surely fail.

Is this not possible to fix? Why does mingw not take this into account?

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